• Jeffrey A. Becker deposited All Italia: City and Country in Ancient Italy in the group Group logo of ArchaeologyArchaeology on Humanities Commons 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    This graduate seminar approaches the urban and rural landscapes of peninsular Italy from the Early Iron Age until the Gothic Wars, with the goal being to examine key points of intersection (and departure) between the spheres of ‘town’ and ‘country’. In adopting an holistic approach to these categories that are often juxtaposed, the seminar aims to address important issues related to the development of the landscapes of ancient Italy. The seminar’s approach, then, will be to delve into various issues and topics that pertain to said landscapes, considering ‘town’ and ‘country’ both comparatively and discretely. The relationship between the two will be considered, as will various manifestations that link the two spheres together – economy, infrastructure, ritual. The course of the seminar will also aim to address changes in Italy over time, with the concluding seminar given over to a discussion of late Roman (and post-Roman) realities in the archaeology of Italy. In order to contextualize Italian landscapes across both time and space, we will consider issues pertaining to urbanism, economy, production, infrastructure, administration, architecture, epigraphy, and iconography (among others). The seminar will involve a substantial amount of student-led discussion and the discussion and presentation of student research.