I am currently a Master of Arts student at Boğaziçi University, in Istanbul, Turkey, and my field is Asian Studies. Primarily within this field, I am more focused on the Comparative Political Economy of Asia-Pacific, Strategic Analysis and Business Intelligence based on the geopolitics of the Asia-Pacific, and the History of Japan’s International Relations and Foreign Policy—in which I employ wartime memories, the political discourse and imperial propaganda of the Empire of Japan and its history of railroad constructions.

I focus on Japan as my country of primary concern. With regard to Japan, my academic interests are concentrated on Meiji Reforms, Japan’s economic integration in the post-World War II period, and Japan’s possible re-militarization with a specific focus on the Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan. I am also passionate about Chinese investments in the Southeast Asian countries, China-Taiwan conflicts, geopolitical issues such as the South China Sea disputes, ancient Chinese philosophy, and Tibetology.

If you would like to see a CV, please do kindly ask. I am skittish about sharing it outright, but have no qualms about making it available upon request. 



Other Publications

  • Istanbul’s Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital: an opportunity for Japan to reaffirm its economic power strategy

  • The South China Sea dispute and its challenges to Japan’s economic interests



Japan-Turkey Student Conference



Japanese Studies Association (Nov 2019 – Present)
Boğaziçi Korean Society (Aug 2019 – Present
Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA) France (Apr 2019 – Present)
Boğaziçi University Chinese Language and Culture Society (BU中) (Feb 2018 – Present)
ESN Nitto Boğaziçi Community (Sep 2017 – Present)

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