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    The fourth issue of “Conversations: The Journal of Cavellian Studies”, which explores Cavell’s philosophic interest in literature, an oft-repeated and rehashed thematic prism and vantage point from which to address Cavell’s work. However, it is our feeling that, at times anyhow, Cavell’s interest in Wittgenstein and film dwarfs slightly his literary interests. We are constantly reminded, of course, of Cavell’s last line in “The Claim of Reason”, expressed as “can philosophy become literature and still know itself?” This issue seeks to reverse the gradient of thinking somewhat to ask something like: “Can literature become philosophy, or philosophical, and still know itself?” Whatever pressure philosophy faces to respect, say, formal parameters of argumentation, does anyone yet conceive of literature facing similar professional pressure from the “opposite” direction? What sort of formal parameters ought literary study to respect, if any? Is this a plea for philosophy? Does Cavell count “here”?