• Sonia D. Andras deposited Interwar Romanian Fashion and Beauty in American Vogue in the group Group logo of Cultural StudiesCultural Studies on Humanities Commons 3 months ago

    This paper explores Romanian women’s influence on US fashion as representatives of European artistic, cultural, and social elites and as genuine Parisiennes. This study treats the Parisienne model as a symbolic marker of elegance driven by French, namely Parisian, aesthetic philosophies, and technical prowess. In this sense, Romanian women function as liminal agents of influence and scrutiny, in-between local, regional, continental, and worldwide ethnic, cultural, social, ideological, and religious identities. The research focuses on primary visual and textual materials published in the original American edition of Vogue, based in New York. These sources, including fashion and news reports, photographs, illustrations, and full-length articles, are analyzed in the context of Romanian-American cultural and aesthetic negotiations, using an informed disciplinary methodology focusing on fashion studies and discourse analysis of written and visual texts. Interwar Romanian women’s impact on European and American fashion remains a largely unexplored topic. This paper aims to open a new field of inquiry, adding fashion studies in the media to the diversity of topics regarding Romanian-American cultural and artistic negotiations.