• Chapter Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 December 2022
    Fashioning the ‘Little Parises’ of the World. Interlaced National Symbols
    Book edited by Dr. Sonia D. Andraş (The “Gheorghe Şincai” Institute for Social Sciences and the Humanities, Târgu-Mureş, Romania)

    As Vogue Paris, the only edition containing a city name, became Vogue France, the question of Paris as fashion capital is ever more pressing on grounds built upon dichotomic pairs like inclusivity-exclusivity, material-symbolic, global-local. Fashioning the ‘Little Parises’ of the World is a collective, edited volume exploring the Parisian spirit (esprit parisien) through fashion, using a diverse host of urban locations drawing material and symbolic inspiration from Paris, beyond ‘Little Paris’ nicknames. It inquires how national identities and each location’s specific spirit are enforced or encroached when blended with the esprit parisien. Each contribution offers a unique interpretation of a global symbol, Paris, through one of its chief associations, fashion. Fashioning the ‘Little Parises’ of the World relativises the meaning of Paris fashion, understanding that, at least in the twentieth century, foreign Western and non-Western cityspaces and urban enclaves readily and enthusiastically assumed some sort of connection to Paris using aesthetic, conceptual or physical reasonings. It inquires whether Paris as a cultural, artistic and craft cosmopolitan hub was not inclusive from the start as it emanated exclusivity through exquisite physical and symbolic results that could not have been achieved anywhere else.