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  • Group logo of LLC African American Forum
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    LLC African American Forum Executive Committee:

    Jervette Ward, January 2023 (2021-January 2022 Chair)
    Kristin Moriah, January 2024 (2021-January 2022 Secretary)
    Sharon Lynette Jones, January 2025
    Dorothy […]

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  • Group logo of TM The Teaching of Literature
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  • Group logo of HEP Teaching as a Profession
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    Teaching as a Profession is one of only three forums classified as “HEP,” or Higher Education and the Profession. The focus of our forum is on the intersection of criticality and classroom practice as it inf […]

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  • Group logo of GS Life Writing
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    We welcome all scholarly approaches to the study of autobiography, biography, life writing, diaries, letters, life narrative, online representations of identity and personal narrative in print and other media.

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  • Group logo of TC Race and Ethnicity Studies
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  • Group logo of LLC 19th-Century American
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    Executive Committee:

    Meredith L. McGill, Jan. 2016 (2015–Jan. 2016 Ch.)
    Ivy Wilson, Jan. 2017 (2015–Jan. 2016 Sec.)
    Dana Luciano, Jan. 2018
    Rodrigo Lazo, Jan. 2019
    Hsuan L. Hsu, Jan. 2020

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  • Group logo of LLC Late-19th- and Early-20th-Century American
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    Executive Committee:

    Nadia Nurhussein, through Jan. 2023
    Elizabeth Duquette, through Jan. 2024
    Travis M. Foster, through Jan. 2025 (2023 chair)
    Laura Fisher, through Jan. 2026 (2023 secretary; 2024 […]

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  • Group logo of Help & How-To
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    active 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    This group is designed to introduce everyone to MLA Commons! Everyone’s invited to join. Visit the blog for tutorials, and use the forum to get ideas and to and ask questions about what you don’t understand. W […]

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