• Literacy culture helps pupils learn. Students typically need help finding difficult-to-understand English reading materials, making it challenging to find the newest information, research, or even get fresh ideas.
    The writers of this publication develop and translate literacy culture second-reading materials to overcome this issue. This translation structure helps pupils access language-barrier-restricted materials.
    Due to linguistic disparities, varied English skills, or a lack of credible Indonesian reading materials, students sometimes need help grasping English content. Thus, options enabling students to access crucial information are necessary.
    This document offers translated reading materials in a language pupils can understand. This translation considers cultural context, academic language, and local literacy culture.
    With these translated texts, pupils should be able to learn literacy and cultural subjects without language limitations and boost kids’ reading enthusiasm and knowledge, fostering a solid literacy culture.
    The author recognizes that a translation cannot match the source’s authenticity and depth. However, this text aims to give students a more accessible option to continue learning and improve their reading skills without linguistic barriers.
    This text covers literacy and cultural issues that readers find helpful. These translation structures help students learn to read and expand their knowledge.