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    The basic psychology course covered the focus group discussion that was the basis for this study’s
    backdrop. The three groups of students debated the three topics, which included educational psychology
    from the level of basic education programs through senior secondary education [general and vocational]
    in the Indonesian educational system. The purpose of synchronizing the FGD and analyzing the three
    topics in the discussion part of this study is to compare the importance of the concerns presented in the
    FDG with the most recent educational psychology research. Consequently, a qualitative approach with
    literary studies addresses these three subjects combined. Based on the outcomes of the three topics’
    discussions, it was indeed relevant that the development of spiritual and physical balance could be
    needed, and the process of stimulation in this effort at harmonization focused on not only aspects of
    students but also educators who require this stimulation. As a result, in addition to teacher certification,
    the suggestions from this literature review offer an opportunity to develop professional programs for
    sustainable educators in Indonesian education. The study’s drawback was that it was certainly merely
    basic and left an opportunity for further improvement.