Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Native American Studies, Archival Methodologies, American Women’s Literature, Literacy Studies


PhD in English from UC Davis


“Gloria Anzaldúa’s Rhetoric of Ambiguity and Anti-racist Teaching.” Co-author Carl Whithaus. Forthcoming in Composition Studies 43.2 (Fall 2015).

“The Red Man Has Left No Mark Here: Graves and Land Claim in the Cooperian Tradition.” ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance 60.3 (Summer 2014). 328-364.

“Black, White, and Yellow Fever: Contagious Race in The Mysteries of New Orleans.” Mississippi Quarterly 65.2 (Spring 2012): 229-258.

“A Flight From Home: Negotiations of Gender and Nationality in Frances Osgood´s Early Career.” Transatlantic Women: Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers in Great Britain and Europe.  Ed. Brigitte Bailey, Lucinda Damon-Bach, and Beth Lueck. Durham: U of New Hampshire P, 2012. 3-20.

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