I study Linguistics at the University of Buenos Aires. I’m currently attending my last semester but I’m also teaching Grammar to new students. I’m part of a funded Statistics research group and a Computational Linguistics study group. My main research topic at the time is inflectional morphology acquisition; I’m trying to assess how well formal theories of morphological competence explain the behaviour observed in children during the process of language acquisition. To do this, I combine corpus studies with computational simulation and statistical modelling. In my spare time, I like to grab my bike and go for a ride.


Currently finishing my Linguistics degree at the University of Buenos Aires (MA-equivalent).


La concordancia parcial en los clíticos acusativos del español rioplatense [Partial agreement in accusative clitics of Rioplatense Spanish]. Exlibris, 8, 152-163. URL


Member of Group of Statistics for the Study of Language

Member of Group of Computational Linguistics

Santiago Gualchi

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