• Santiago Arcila deposited Mundos animales: tejidos de afectos, signos y movimientos on Humanities Commons 3 years, 6 months ago

    The following text offers some ideas about the communication and information relationships that make up the surrounding world of the animals. From a conception of the animal body based on the point of view of individuation, a relation is proposed between the ideas that come from the field of biosemiotics, the heir of Jacob Von Uexküll, and some concepts of Gilbert Simondon ́s ontology. The purpose is to show a way of approaching the animal world that has as consequences the questioning of the consistency of the human world, as a place of residence of other beings. In this case, we can see in what sense a living animal body is a multiplicity, an individual in state of individuation and a system in metastable equilibrium, whose way of life is understood as a swarm of interactions or a symbiotic field of heterogeneous forces and agencies in the middle of significant ecological relationships.