I hold a PhD in Egyptology from University of Pisa. Currently, I am am adjunct assistant professor at the American University in Cairo (Introduction to ancient Egyptian architecture) and at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (History and Theory of Architecture 1; Architecture of Egypt: Time and Place). From 2014 to 2016 I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Dahlem Research School, Freie Universität Berlin, working on an Historical GIS of Nubia. Enjoying a short term scholarship (British Academy 2011) granted by Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei I compiled the complete catalogue of William John Bankes’ Egyptian Portfolio in the Dorset History Centre (Dorchester) and made a photographic record of it. In 2009 I discovered Alessandro Ricci’s lost travel account and I am currently working on a scientific edition of the text to be published by AUC Press.


2010 – University of Pisa, Department of Ancient History, PhD in Egyptology (“Viaggi del dottore Alessandro Ricci di Siena fatti negli anni 1818, 1819, 1820, 1821, 1822 in Nubia, al Tempio di Giove Ammone, al Monte Sinai, e al Sennar.”)

2006 – University of Pisa, Department of Ancient History, MA in Languages and Cultures of the Ancient Near East, majoring in Egyptology (“Amarna Age Tombs in the Theban Necropolis.”)

2004 – University of Milan, Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, BA in Classics, majoring in Egyptology (“Amarna Magic.”)


Books and Edited Volumes

The Doctor and the Pasha: Travels of Alessandro Ricci of Siena in Nubia, Siwa, Sinai, and Sennar (1817-1822). Cairo-New York: The American University in Cairo Press, Spring 2018.

L’Egitto romano: da Augusto a Diocleziano. Cagliari: Arkadia, 2016.

22 catalogue entries in Ippolito Rosellini and the Dawn of Egyptology. Original Drawings and Manuscripts of the Franco-Tuscan Expedition to Egypt (1828-29) from the Biblioteca Universitaria di Pisa, edited by Maria Carmela Betrò, 68-69, 72-73, 80-85, 98-99, 106-107, 128-129, 132-133, 158-159, 164-165, 168-179, 182-183, 186-191, 200-201. London: Golden House Publications, 2011.

38 catalogue entries in Lungo il Nilo. Ippolito Rosellini e la Spedizione Franco-Toscana in Egitto (1828-1829), edited by Maria Carmela Betrò, 44, 46, 57, 64-65, 78, 84, 88, 92-93, 98, 108, 129, 135, 138, 140, 144, 152, 155, 164-69, 174, 181, 190-91, 202, 210, 231. Firenze: Giunti, 2010.


Refereed Journal Articles

“A Historical Geographic Information System (HGIS) of Nubia Based on the William J. Bankes Archive (1815-1822).” In Digital Humanities Quarterly, Special Issue, forthcoming.


Non-Refereed Journal Articles

“A Treasure House of Egyptology. The Catalogue of William John Bankes’ Egyptian Portfolio (1815-1822).” National Trust Arts, Buildings, Collections Bulletin Summer (2012): 11-12.

“New Documents on the Life and Death of Domenico Enegildo Frediani (1783-1823), Traveller and Poet in Egypt and the Sudan.” Göttinger Miszellen 233 (2012): 51-67.

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With Monica Hanna. “« Out of Egypt, I called my Son. » The Western and the Eastern Traditions.” Parrhêsia. A quarterly publication of the Friends of the Coptic Museum 2 (2008): 5-6.

“Some Remarks on TT 136 and its Interpretation.” Egitto e Vicino Oriente 31 (2008): 39-48.

“Le tombe tebane private di Età amarniana: evoluzione architettonica, stilistica ed iconografica.” Egitto e Vicino Oriente 30 (2007): 77-93.


Conference and Seminar Proceedings

“«Su di me allarga le tue ali come stelle imperiture»: gli astri nella poesia egiziana antica.” In Poesia delle stelle tra antichità e medioevo, edited by Fabio Guidetti, 11-38. Pisa: Edizioni della Normale, 2017.

“Representations of Copts in Early Nineteenth-century Italian Travel Accounts.” In Studies in Coptic Culture: Transmission and Interaction, edited by Mariam Ayad, 117-141. Cairo-New York: The American University in Cairo Press, 2016.

“Per una stima in termini di valuta contemporanea delle spese sostenute dai pionieri dell’Egittologia britannica.” In Sotto l’ala di Thot. Un contributo alla diffusione della cultura dell’antico Egitto, edited by Gilberto Modonesi, 93-104. Milano: Museo di Storia Naturale, 2012.

“Ricci, Belzoni, Salt and the Works in the Valley of the Kings. New Light from the Ricci Travel Account.” In L’Egitto in Età Ramesside. Atti del Convegno, Chianciano Terme, 17-18 Dicembre 2009, edited by Daniela Picchi, 33-41. Cinisello Balsamo: Silvana Editoriale, 2011.


Book Reviews

The Obelisk and the Englishman: The Pioneering Discoveries of Egyptologist William Bankes, by Dorothy U. Seyler. Bryn Mawr Classical Review 13 April 2016 (BMCR 2016.04.19).

Dialogues with the Dead: Egyptology in British Culture and Religion, 1822-1922, by David Gange. Bryn Mawr Classical Review 21 May 2014 (BMCR 2014.05.36).

Ägypten, Nubien und die Cyrenaika. Die imaginäre Reise des Norbert Bittner (1786-1851), by Lisa Schwarzmeier, Ernst Czerny, and Mario Kramp. Journal of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities 39 (2013).

Westcar on the Nile. A journey through Egypt in the 1820s, by Heike Schmidt. Journal of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities 38 (2011-2012): 250-58.


Web-Based Publications

Catalogue of William John Bankes (1786-1855): Egyptian Drawings. Bankes of Kingston Lacy and Corfe Castle (D/BKL, 1348-1925); Maps, Plans and Drawings. Dorchester: Dorset History Centre, 2011. url: https://www.dorsetforyou.com/dorsethistorycentre

“Le tombe amarniane della necropoli tebana.” MA dissertation, Università di Pisa, 2007, http://etd.adm.unipi.it/theses/available/etd-01192007-120628/.


Other Publications

With Monica Hanna. “Lo scempio delle antichità sotto i Fratelli musulmani.” Limes. Rivista italiana di geopolitica. Egitto, rivoluzione usa e getta 7 (2013): 56-64.


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