Graduated in Physics (UCV 1998), Magister in Latin American Musicology(UCV 2004), Maestro Composer (Landaeta 2002). He has studied flute, piano,harpsichord, and conducting. Professor of musical analysis in different schools and universities in Caracas (1998-2017). He is a speaker at musicology conferences and specialized publications with research on perceptual structures in music and induced creativity. Recent presentationsinclude the ICTM 2022 Join Symposium, REACTSymposium 2022, MTS-22, SfNC 2022, and V ARLAC/IMS congress. He has founded the Crea Música method in 2006, in which nearly 400 amateur and professional musicians have participated in workshops and presentations of collective musical creativity. He directed a musical nucleus with inclusion programs for the Ticunalanguage in the Peruvian Amazonian (2017-2019). He has learning methods for popular music instruments. His research focuses on perceptual structuring in music, creative musical direction, and music education in vulnerable areas.


Sep. 2022 Speaker at ICTM Joint Symposium 2022 – Applied Ethnomusicology & Music and Dance in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Sep. 2022. Speaker at REACT Reflective and critical approaches to teaching and learning of music performance.
Jul. 2022. Study of Perceptive Structures in Latin American Popular Music. Epistemus 10(1) https://revistas.unlp.edu.ar/Epistemus/article/view/13792
July 2022. Poster Presentation at Musical Togetherness Symposium MTS-22
May . 2022. Musicalization of the podcast De Ida y Vuelta, with REACIM and others.
May . 2022. poster Presentation at Society for the Neuroscience of Creativity SfNC 2022
May . 2022. Speaker in the V ARLAC/IMS Congress
Oct. 2021. Speaker at the VII Interdisciplinary Colloquium on EDAUTEMUS Music.
Dec. 2021 Speaker at the III Chilean Congress of Research in Education UAH.
Apr. 2021 Speaker at the XII Colloquium of the SEPEHISMUME UACM,
Nov. 2019 Publication of Musical Methods for Keyboard and Kinder Musical.
Sep 2019 Speaker at II Symposium on Philosophy of Music PUCP.
Apr. 2019 Speaker at the CLAEM X congress organized by ALAEMUS schools.
Dec. 2012 Article: (2012) Musical creativity and physicalism. Sul Ponticello Magazine , 41.
Mar 2009 Article: Akademus , vol. 11, No. 1 and 2, 2009, p. 13-16
Nov. 2005 Speaker at the First Popular Music Congress, ISPM Venezuela.
Dec. 2004 Speaker at the Third Venezuelan Congress of Musicology, with The epistemology of music and the thought of Humberto Sagredo Araya.

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