• From Albania to Arrān: The East Caucasus Between the Ancient and Islamic Worlds (ca. 330 BCE-1000 CE), 2020
    This article is concerned with the historical memory of late antique and early medieval Caucasia, including the territories of Armenia and Arran (often referred to as “Caucasian Albania”). While a contested area between the influence of Byzantium and the Caliphate during the seventh-tenth centuries CE, it was a region with a long history as a liminal space.

    This paper primarily serves as an analysis of important early Islamic writings on the political, administrative, and social policies in the area during this period by early Abbasid-era scholars. In particular, it focuses on the accounts provided by the Abbasid secretary al-Baladhuri (d. ca. 892 CE) in his chapter on “The Conquest of Armenia” in the Kitab Futuh al-Buldan (“The Book of the Conquests of Lands”).