I am the Assistant Professor of the History of the Islamic World in the Department of History and Geography at Columbus State University. Additionally, I serve as the Graduate Program Coordinator for our MA in History and as the CSU Honors College Faculty-in-Residence.

In research, I am an early Islamic historian who focuses on Arabic historiography and the foundational period of Islamic history – particularly the early Islamic conquests and the depictions of the early Islamic state in history and literature. Much of my work has focused on the writing of the Muslim historian al-Baladhuri (d. ca. 279 AH/892 CE), where I have looked at unique information held in his book, identified the spread of historical information between him and both earlier/later authors, and have used the tools of the digital and computational humanities to identify text reuse in/of his surviving texts. This includes my recent monograph, Arab Conquests and Early Islamic Historiography.

Much of my research is focused on two separate-but-somewhat linked topics: I am very interested in the process of settlement throughout the Middle East which occurred during the period of the Arab-Islamic conquests and the reign of the Umayyad dynasty, but I am also very interested in how later ‘Abbasid-era sources reflected on and remembered this process.

As a professor, I teach introductory courses on early world history, historical research and writing, and the digital humanities, while teaching advanced seminars and graduate courses on the Arab-Islamic conquests, the early Islamic period, late antiquity and the fall of Rome, the Crusades, and the idea of an Islamic state from the pre-modern period to the present day.


DPhil, Oriental Studies – University of Oxford (Pembroke College)
MPhil, Islamic Studies and History – University of Oxford (Pembroke College)
MLitt, Middle Eastern History and Culture – University of St Andrews
BA, History and Religious Studies, Stetson University


  • University System of Georgia Middle East Council – 2020-Present

  • Southeastern Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Society – 2018-Present

  • Middle East Studies Association – 2017-2018

  • Southeastern Medieval Association – 2016-Present

  • Georgia Medievalists – 2016-Present

  • Middle East Medievalists – 2014-Present

  • Phi Beta Kappa Society – 2009-Present

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