I am a graduate student in the English Philology (MA) programme at the University of Göttingen. I have a background in education studies, and my research interests lie in the cultural transfer of pedagogic traditions and the reception of classical antiquity in medieval Europe. Currently I am working on my master’s thesis, which looks at Benedict Burgh’s paraphrase of the Distichs of Cato and how this textbook would have been used in the medieval schoolroom (wherein texts were largely ‘learned by heart’).

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring and creating digital resources to support learning and research. My latest work in progress is The Digital Exeter Book Hand.


‘Enhancing science learning with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in a primary school in Hong Kong.’ With Yanjie Song. Apps, Technology, and Younger Learners: International Evidence for Teaching, ed. Natalia Kucirkova and Garry Falloon. Oxfordshire: Taylor & Francis/Routledge, 2016: 183–94.

‘Effect of shadowing with reduced forms on ESL listening comprehension.’ With Simpson W. L. Wong. Hong Kong Psychological Society Conference 2016, Hong Kong.

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    I have been working as a student assistant at my university since April 2021. At present I am a member of two project groups: the Universal Dependencies Treebank for Old Irish ‘Minor Glosses’, and the Electronic Corpus of Homilies in Old English (ECHOE).

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