My research explores the intersection of gender and political culture in England and surrounding realms in the transition from the early to central (or ‘high’) middle ages, c. AD 900-1200, with a particular focus on the relationship between the ideals and practice of masculinity and kingship.

I recently completed my PhD in Medieval History at the University of Manchester. My dissertation was entitled ‘”In a Father’s Place”: Anglo-Saxon Kingship and Masculinity in the Long Tenth Century.’ I completed my BA in History and Medieval & Renaissance Studies (2008) and my MA in European History (2012) at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, where my MA thesis explored ‘The Role of Royal Power in the Formation of an Anglo-Saxon State, circa 400-900 AD.’

I previously served, from 2012–2015, as a Teaching Instructor in East Carolina University’s Department of History, as part of the Italy Intensives study abroad program based in Certaldo, Tuscany. While there, I also served as the program’s Academic Coordinator and Writing Center Director, as well as the Scholarship Committee Chair, Student Life Director, and Social Media Coordinator.


PhD in Medieval History | 2018 | University of Manchester

MA in European History | 2012 | East Carolina University

BA in History and Medieval & Renaissance Studies | 2008 | East Carolina University


Peer-Reviewed Articles
In Progress   ‘”Against the King’s Will”: Princely Marriage, Family Planning, and the Rebellion of Edmund Ironside, AD 1015′
In Progress – ‘Procreation, Celibacy, and Masculinity in Later Anglo-Saxon England’, Gender & History
In Progress – ‘Mead-iating Masculinity: The Anglo-Saxon Mead-Hall, Drunkenness, and the Renegotiation of Masculinity in the Long Tenth Century,’ Medieval Feminist Forum
2012  ‘Using Writing as a Means for Encouraging Students to Participate in Public Discourse and Community Engagement,’ Rebecca N. MacDonald, David L. Batie, and Ryan T. Goodman, ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition Proceedings 2012

Book Chapters
Submitted   ‘Raising Sons, Raising Princes: Masculine and Moral Instruction in the Reign of Æthelred the Unready,’ Gender, Family, and Conquest, 1016–1066

Book Reviews
In Progress  Review: Visions of Kinship in Medieval Europe by Hans Hummer, English Historical Review
Submitted  Review: Anglo-Saxon Kingship and Political Power: Rex Gratia Dei by Kathrin McCann, English Studies
2019  Review: The Manly Priest: Clerical Celibacy, Masculinity, and Reform in England and Normandy, 1066–1300, by Jennifer D. Thibodeaux, European Review of History
2013  Review: Roles of the Sea in Medieval England, ed. by Richard Gorski, Nautical Research Journal 58:3 (Autumn 2013)
2012   Comparative Review: Lost Gold of the Dark Ages: War, Treasure, and the Mystery of the Saxons by Caroline Alexander, and The Staffordshire Hoard, by Kevin Leahy and Roger Bland, Tuckasegee Valley Historical Review 18 (Spring 2012), pp. 166–68

Blog Posts

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    Conferences Organized
    2019 – 2nd Annual M6 Medieval Reading Group Symposium: ‘Communities,’ University of Liverpool
    2018  M6 Medieval Reading Group Symposium: ‘Reading Medieval Journeys: Beginnings, Ends, and In-Betweens,’ University of Liverpool
    2018  Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies 2018 Easter Conference: ‘The Anglo-Saxons at Home,’ John Rylands Library, University of Manchester

    Conference Sessions Organised
    2018  ‘Transformations of Power: Sessions in Honour of Professor Paul Fouracre,’ International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (Four paper sessions and a roundtable discussion, ‘New Directions in Frankish Studies.’)

    Selected Papers Given
    2019   ‘Rereading Anglo-Saxon Wills: New Approaches to Old Documents,’ with Stuart D. P. Pracy, M6 Medieval Reading Group, University of Manchester
    2018   ‘Æthelflæd, “Lord of the Mercians?”: Rulership, Gender, and Representations of Tenth-Century “Warrior Women,”’ Æthelflæd 1100 Conference, Tamworth
    2018   ‘“The Guiltless King?”: Celibacy, Masculinity and Kingship in Pre-Conquest England,’ Royal Studies Network Conference – Kings and Queens 7: Ruling Sexualities, University of Winchester
    2018  ‘Mead-iating Masculinity: The Mead-Hall, Drunkenness, and the Renegotiation of Anglo-Saxon Masculinities in the Long Tenth Century,’ International Medieval Congress 2018, University of Leeds
    2017   ‘“Wa þære þeode þe hæfð ælðeodigne cyng”: The Foreign and the Familiar in Later Anglo-Saxon Writings on Masculinity and Kingship,’ International Medieval Congress 2017, University of Leeds
    2017   ‘Raising Son, Raising Princes: Fatherhood, Kingship, and Instruction in Later Anglo-Saxon England,’ Family and Power in the Middle Ages Conference, Canterbury Christ Church University
    2017   ‘From Text to Tech: Reading Medieval Sources in the Modern Day,’ M6 Medieval Reading Group, University of Manchester
    2016   ‘“Rex Eris Si Recte Facias”: Some Sources on the Ideals of Right Kingship in Late Anglo-Saxon England,’ Conquest 1016–1066 Conference; University of Oxford
    2012   ‘“Reges ex Virtute Sumunt:” Kingship, Military Power, and the Creation of the Anglo-Saxon State, c. 400-900,’ The 2012 Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society Regional Convention – Carolina Region, Queens University of Charlotte
    2012   ‘Charisma, Ritual, and Kingship: The Role of Ideological Power in the Formation of an Anglo-Saxon State,’ Graduate History Conference on Power and Struggle, University of Alabama
    2012   ‘Grave Goods and Buried Hoards as Sources of Anglo-Saxon Royal Power: Military, Economic, and Ideological,’ Society for Historical Archaeology 2012 Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology, Baltimore, MD
    2011   ‘The Sceptre and the Standard: Two Symbols of Royal Authority from Sutton Hoo Mound 1,’ The 2011 Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society South-Eastern Super-Regional Convention, East Tennessee State University
    2010   ‘Jean La Vallette and the Last Crusade? The Great Siege of Malta and the Concept of Crusading,’ The 2010 Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society Regional Convention – Carolinas Region, Coastal Carolina University


    2018 – Royal Studies Network
    2017 – Royal Historical Society (Postgraduate Member)
    2017 – International Society of Anglo-Saxonists
    2015 – Manchester Medieval Society
    2015 – M6 Medieval History Research Seminar
    2015 – Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies (MANCASS)
    2012 – The Medieval Academy of America
    2006 – Phi Alpha Theta National History Honors Society

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