I am an independent researcher looking to begin publishing as soon as I understand what the heck kind of bureaucracy has been invented in the world of academia.

I focus particualarly on the subject of why we know what we know. Source vetting is my favorite hobby, and I frequently stump myself on how poor even the most well intended sources tend to be. As we use these sources to cite our work and give them backing, such a situation should be avoided if at all possible.

Though I write very lengthy papers, I try to keep my social face simple. I am proud of my achievements but a lengthy ego-laden ‘about me’ is contrary to my purpose in using a pen-name. I freely admit this is a pen-name. The information I have given already is easily linked to my identity, so why not go further? — Anxiety.

I hope I can live up to what I think I am capable of; that is all.


Some years learning Pashto in an intensive course for the USAF.

Served some years after that.

Had trouble realizing the potential I had hidden behind PTSD.

Rachel Armstrong

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