I am SUNY Distinguished Professor of History at the State University of New York–New Paltz where I teach courses on early American and early modern English history.  I also serve as co-editor of The Journal of Early American History and the related book series, ‘The American Colonies, 1500-1830’, both published by Brill Academic Publishers of Leiden, the Netherlands.  If you have scholarly work related to early American history (very broadly defined), I would be very interested in seeing it.   I look forward to discussions of the issues addressed in that work but also to learning more about all aspects of early American history and the history of the early modern Anglo-British empire.


PhD, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, 1992.

JD, University of Buffalo, SUNY, Buffalo, NY, 1983.

BA, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 1980.

Blog Posts


    Medieval and Early Modern Orients (MEMOs) blog, ‘The Global Ambitions of the Guinea Company and the Early Modern Orient’: https://memorients.com/articles/the-global-ambitions-of-the-guinea-company-and-the-early-modern-orient

    MEMOs blog, ‘The Spectacular Failure in the Early Modern Orient from which English Success in Asia was Snatched’: https://memorients.com/articles/the-spectacular-failure-in-the-early-modern-orient-from-which-english-success-in-asia-was-snatched

    MEMOs blog, ‘Empire in the Early 17th-Century Indian Ocean: Sir Thomas Roe’s Embassy to the Emperor Jahangir’: https://memorients.com/articles/empire-in-the-early-17th-century-indian-ocean-sir-thomas-roes-embassy-to-the-emperor-jahangir

    History Association blog, ‘How to Run an Empire, Early Modern Style’: https://historyjournal.org.uk/2020/07/20/how-to-run-an-empire-early-modern-style/

    Academic Minute: ‘Slavery and the British Empire’: https://academicminute.org/2018/06/lou-roper-suny-new-paltz-slavery-and-the-british-empire/

    Empire Lines, ‘A New Map of the Island of Barbados, 1686’: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1IXgRKsIuwXLxOmHM5DPiW

    Out of the Blank #934: https://anchor.fm/out-of-the-blank-podcast/episodes/934—Lou-Roper-Historian–Professor-e18diqs



    North American Council on British Studies, Forum on European Expansion and Global Interaction, Omohundro Institute for Early American History and Culture, McNeil Center for the Study of Early American History and Culture, Renaissance Society of America.

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