Ronny Fay Ford is a PhD student in the English Department at MSU, where they also obtained their bachelors in creative writing. Ronny Fay studies gender, desire, sexuality, and transness in medieval French, English, and Latin texts. They focus primarily on romances as textual sites of difference in which ideas of gender, class, and race can be explored. Ronny Fay has particular interest in how emotionality and queer connections influence readings of queer medieval texts, as well as how the queer past has been overlooked and sometimes erased out of a desire to locate a queer discursive explosion under the influence of modernity.


PhD, English/Medieval Literature May 2022

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI


Bachelor of Arts, English/Creative Writing May 2018

Michigan State University Honors College, East Lansing, MI

 – Minor in Religious Studies


Academic Nonfiction

  • Ford, Ronny F. (2020) “Sexual and Erotic Transgressions through Aesthetic History: A Study of Algernon Charles Swineburne” Beyond the Margins: A Journal of Graduate Literary Scholarship: Vol. 1, Article 3.


Creative Nonfiction

Blog Posts


    • QueerFeminist reader of the medieval Robin Hood ballads

      • translations of the ballads into modern English

      • analytical chapters suited for a college classroom

      • contracted through Cornell for publication

    • Queer Medieval French reader (dissertation)

      • translation of up to 14 medieval French stories that each speak to gender or sexuality (many of them previously untranslated)

      • analytical chapters suited for a college classroom

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    • “La Roman de Silence and TRANSformation: A Study of Gender and Identity,” University of Virginia Graduate Student English Conference, October 2020

    • “On the Margins: Blurring the Lines of Gender through Identity and Linguistics in Yde et Olive,” Women in French, May 2022.

    • “Medieval Queer Masculinities: Orientalism and the Weeping Man in Floris and Blancheflour,” Mediterranean Studies Association Gibraltar, Spain, May 2021.


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