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Early Work on the IAC Concept

Robin E. Haberman (Jan. 15, 2018) A Course of Action

Robin E. Haberman (Oct. 8, 2016) Civilian Defense in the Age of Climate Change

Robin E. Haberman (March 24, 2016) LET’s START WITH WHY

Robin E. Haberman (Sept. 13, 2015) Earth as a Library

Robin E. Haberman (July 1, 2015) Results from a Survey on Climate Change and Local Responses To It


This system platform is a cross-breed, of a generic early warning system (EWS) changed to a climate and environmental changes warning system with a digital media reference library and limited communications subsystem. In this data flowchart diagram plate, the Intelligent Aide Climate (IAC) Platform (Linux Ubuntu Hadoop cluster) is broken-down into four logical modules: Input and updates; Number crunching; Digital library and Graphical user interface for client interaction with the system.
If we are to develop, and then operationally deploy systems for civil defense in the age of climate change, then we need to take a long range view of how climate change will affect many generations that will follow us. A basic system that is workable now and can be added on to later as the technology and understanding about climate change develops is needed. At the same time being pragmatic on the work that needs to be done now, on how to blend both recycled low cost PC hardware, in combination with open source software to develop a stable platform.
Adding to this, is how to classify great volumes of both academic and scientific literature by its appropriate value as targeted information to help settlements adjust to a changing environment. The use of targeted information is only one of two ways to fight climate change by hardening human settlements. The other is to encourage vigorous micro-climates linking all natural habitats in and around the IAC deployed system, making it a robust natural environment incorporating both native flora and fauna, and actively supported by the human settlements as a means of active defense against climate change.

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