BA, Sarah Lawrence College, 1980

MA, University of Houston, 1985 (English/Creative Writing)

Stegner Fellowship, Stanford University, 1989-91

Ph.D., University of Houston, 2002

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    I am presently working on a hybrid prose work about missing persons. The work is in part a memoir of my stepfather, who disappeared in 1982; around his story, I discuss missing persons tropes in literature, film, and the broader culture (social media, for example — how it has altered the experience of missingness).

    I teach Composition 1 as a memoir-writing class. From that experience, I am working on a teaching resource (perhaps not a conventional textbook) that will focus on the rhetoric of memoir-writing: the tropes or commonplaces, prose strategies, elements of creative nonfiction, what have you — strategies for writer/readers in understanding how to work with texts: writing and reading/responding to them. Since, at HCC, my students represent the world, there is special focus on multicultural connections — and how many commonplaces are found across cultural/national borders.



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