I am “technically” a theologian, if scholarship is to hold such weight, but I abandoned such endeavors. I am a former long-time musician. I immersed myself into Violence Studies, with the belief that violence is not inevitable and that if society is to overcome violence, it must be understood. I am currently in a self-imposed regimented program and independent research related to sociology and radical geography. I have an extensive scholarly library that I have built up over the years. My research is based on my continued research in African American Studies with a focus on history and literature. I am also incorporating my research on Violence Studies and Space and Place into further research on fascism, philosophy, and some elements of cultural anthropology. It was challenging to design a self-taught program that I could do. Elements of research will be more difficult on my own. I have the research that I conducted in feminist theology for my master’s program behind me as well as my independent research in Violence Studies. I coined: “Masculinarity,” “Biolence,” & “Nuclear Religiosity.”


I have a Master of Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University (mostly philosophy and ethics courses, but not restricted to that – master’s thesis on feminist theology). I also hold an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree from Portland State University where I focused on Women’s Studies, Conflict Resolution, and Literature. Additionally I attended an HBCU, Bowie State University, where I majored in English with a concentration in Africana. It all started at community college believe it or not. From community college to grad school at Johns Hopkins. It was quite a ride!


Long-form essay, “Violence is Not Inevitable: From Ending Violence to the Education Model and Space and Place,”

An expansion on my master’s thesis was effortlessly posted online here, Provoking God: Sacred Hope, Social Justice, and the Hebrew Bible.

A collection of poetry, titled, After Marriage: Poems In and Out of Disunion.

Vision for a Culture of Emancipatory Human Rights

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