• Till date, no proven therapy exists for treatment of SARS-coV-2 infections which has been declared a pandemic by WHO in March, 2020.
    OBJECTIVE: This study will attempt to explore the demographic prole and outcome in the patients receiving multidisciplinary, personalised
    approach including use of Broad Spectrum Antivirals – Ivermectin, anti-inammatory and antioxidants roles of Statins and N-acetyl-cysteine along
    with Standard of Care (SOC) in hospitalised COVID19 patients in a tertiary care centre. SETTING: Inpatient department (designated COVID
    ward) PARTICIPANTS: COVID-19 patients with laboratory conrmed severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
    infections in the year 2020 between June 14- 28, 2020 Main outcome measures: The outcome of Interests are : a. Studying the demographic prole
    of COVID 19 cases b. Study the treatment outcomes in terms of death or discharge in patients receiving Ivermectin+N-acetyl-cysteine+Statin
    along with Standard of care.RESULTS: 148 patients were included in the study. All of them had conrmed COVID19 infection by the rtPCR
    method. Average age of the patients was 57.57 years ( Range = 17 – 88), 49% were male, 51% female. 81% of the patients had at least one or more
    comorbidities. Most common comorbidities included diabetes( 32%), Hypertension (27%),Ischaemic Heart Disease (8%). More comorbidities.
    The in hospital, Case Fatality Rate was 1.35 %. The remaining 146 were discharged from the facility after an average 12 days duration of stay.
    CONCLUSIONS:. Triple therapy with Ivermectin, N-acetyl-cysteine and Atorvastatin along with standard of care is safe and effective in SARS-
    coV-2 infection.