Adjunct Professor at Federal University of Santa Catarina, at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of the Technological Center. Associated Researcher of the research group Critical Thinking and Contemporary City (PC3). PhD at the College of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo (FAUUSP, 2014-2019), in the area of History and Tenets of Architecture and Urbanism. Bachelor in philosophy at the College of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences of the University of São Paulo (FFLCH-USP; 2017), and in architecture and urbanism at FAUUSP (2012). He has a stint at École Nationale Supérieure d?Architecture de Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV; 2010-2011) during the undergraduation studies, and was Visiting Assistant in Research at Yale University (2018) during the PhD. He was editor’s assistant in Pós, academic journal at FAUUSP (2016-2018). He is co-author of the book The New Urban Condition (Routledge, 2021). 3rd place winner in Serrote’s 3rd Essay Competition, with the article Still about Baltimore (2020). His main research topics are the theory of contemporary architecture and the critical theory of assessment indexes in architecture and urbanism.

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