Dr Robert Stansfield-Cudworth is a British Archivist, Historian, and Composer who has been an Archivist and Researcher; Tutor, Associate Lecturer, and Honorary Research Fellow (University of Lancaster); and Postgraduate Researcher (UK Research and Innovation: Arts and Humanities Research Council).

Author of Political Elites in South-West England, 14501500 (2009), his research fields include governance, identities, and elites, with further interests comprising historical sociology, antiquarianism, and genealogy.

He is a Fellow of the Academy of Higher Education. Involved in various organisations, he is a past Secretary of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society and the Chetham Society, and past President of Lancaster University Historical Society.




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Musical Representations · Principal Investigator (2010–22)

  • Exploring musical representations (and elicitations) of meaning in programmatic and ‘absolute’ works, such as symphonic poems and concerti.

Later Lollardy: A Comparative Perspective · Principal Investigator (1999–2021)

  • Reappraising Later Lollardy in England, its evolution and infrastructure, through the prism of comparative and sociological perspectives of religious movements.

Gentry and Yeomanry in Lancashire, c.1290–1861 · Principal Investigator (1994–2021)

  • (Re-)Constituting gentry and non-gentry (yeomanry) families in Lancashire – using a variety of sources and archives – to investigate kinship networks, family life, faith and (self-) identity, socio-economic roles, inheritance patterns, agricultural practices, socio-political and educational interests, and wider associations.

Archival and Historical Scholarship and Antiquarianism · Principal Investigator (2008–17)

  • Exploring developments in archival and historical scholarship – and professionalisation of historical (and archival) practice – during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Political Elites in South-West England, 1450–1500 · Principal Investigator (2000–13)

  • Examining the crown’s approach to government in South-West England, this UK Research and InnovationArts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) project (2001–5) investigated Edward IV’s policy towards the English regions, and explored the feasibility of a regional approach to the politics, government, and ruling elites of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset (1450–1500).

Evaluating Ecclesiastical Collections · Co-Investigator (2001–2)

  • Surveying the history, contents, and context of an ecclesiastical library, with a particular focus on the folio titles.

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