Sophie Lewis is a writer and feminist geographer interested in leakiness, communisation, anti-work and anthrogenesis. She is the author of Full Surrogacy Now (Verso, 2019). Her published cultural criticism includes a recent intervention in Viewpoint on Donna Haraway’s oeuvre and various essays at The New InquirySalvageJacobin and (especially) Blind Field journal, where she is an editor (completing the Blind Field edited volume End/And: Feminization in Unending Times). Sophie has published research articles on surrogacy politics in SignsFrontiersDialogues in Human Geography and Feminist Review. Her ESRC-funded PhD on gestational surrogacy, ‘Cyborg Labour’, was defended at the University of Manchester (UK) – supervised by Noel Castree and Erik Swyngedouw and examined by Cindi Katz. Her prior scholarly background is in English Literature (BA Oxford University), Geography (MSc Oxford University), and Politics (MA, the New School for Social Research). Sophie is a member of the Out of the Woods ecological writing collective, and has also translated two books for MIT Press.


PhD, Human Geography | March 10 2017 | University of Manchester, UK
Advisors: Noel Castree and Erik Swyngedouw. Examiners: Cindi Katz and Maria Kaika.

Thesis title: “Cyborg Labor: Exploring Surrogacy as Gestational Work”. Passed with ‘No Corrections.’

MA Politics | April 2013 | The New School for Social Research, New York
Fulbright Scholar. Courses: Marx, Environmentalism, Technopolitics, Biopolitics. Thesis topic: bioconservation.

MSc, Nature, Society & Environmental Policy. | 2011 | Oxford University
St Hilda’s College. Graduated with First Class Honors and a ‘Distinction’. Thesis on ‘Climate Camp’.

BA, English Language & Literature | 2010 | Oxford University
Wadham College. Graduated with First Class Honors and a ‘Distinction’.

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    – AAG Annual Meeting 2018, New Orleans. April 11th, 1.20PM: ‘Footprinting the Tentacular Womb‘ [in ‘From the Anthropocene to Postgenomics: New Configurations of Body-World

    – Remaking Reproduction 2018, Cambridge. 27-29th June.


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