My research concentrates upon using quantitative methods to assist in the iconographic analysis of viral imagery. By using data provided from social media platforms, I look at users’ patterns of sharing and commentary, and demonstrate how those patterns are connected to long-standing image practices and themes. Some of these go back millennia, and I argue that they structure what we see.


PhD Visual Studies, 2018, Manchester Metropolitan University. Thesis title: “Algorithmic Iconography: Intersections between Iconography and Social Media Image Research”.
MA Information Studies, 1996, University of Sheffield. Thesis title: “The Use of Internet Technologies as Alternative Resources for Teaching the History of Art”.
MA History of Art, 1995, Princeton University.
BA History of Art, New College of Florida. Thesis title: “Imago Meditationis: The Role of Devotional Practice in Fifteenth-Century Flemish Art”.


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Talks: Conferences, workshops, and invitations

2018. “Algorithmic Iconography: Method and Practice” at the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business of the University of Waterloo, Stratford, Ontario, Canada, 22 August 2018.
2018. “Pathosformeln and Visual Habitus in Times of Conflict“. In “Pictures of War: The Still Image in Conflict since 1945”. Manchester, UK: Manchester Metropolitan University, 24 May 2018.
2017. “The Iconography of Social Media Image Analysis: Exploring the Potential of Methodological Transversals in Practice“. In “New Theories and Methods for the Study of Social Media Images Within and Beyond Academia”. San Diego, USA: 67th Annual International Communication Conference, 26 May 2017.
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2016. “Interdisciplinary Research and the History of Art: Reflections on an Origin of a Discipline”. In “Picturing the Social”, Manchester, UK: Manchester Metropolitan University, 21 June 2016.


College Art Association (USA)
Association of Art Historians (UK)

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