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    This book was originally published in Hindi with the title ‘Bahujan Sahitya ki Prastavan” [Introduction to Bahujan Literature] in the year 2016. Its English translation was also published in the same year. This book presents a discussion on the concept of Bahujan literature in Hindi and Indian languages. On the one hand, this book monitors the changes taking place in Hindi literature, on the other hand, outlines the basic elements of the new debate that started in the field of literature in relation to the changing social and political scenarios after the implementation of the Mandal Commission. In today’s Indian perspective, the Bahujan sections are – Other Backward Classes, Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Denotified Nomadic Castes, Pasmanda Minorities and Women. The concept of Bahujan literature sees similarity in all these sufferings and finds the causes of their exploitation more or less similar. This book is as important for the researchers of literature as it is for the conscious people who aspire to understand the literary perspective and also for those who consider themselves a part of the Bahujan community. This book answers all the questions related to Bahujan discourse.