• This book brings sheds light on some hitherto unexplored aspects of the life and works of Dr Bhimarao Ambedkar, arguably the greatest influence on Indian society in modern times. It is a maiden attempt to provide authoritative and comprehensive information on these two topics.
    Pramod Ranjan, a well-known scholar of Dalit-Bahujan ideology, has taken pains to produce a well-rounded volume on Ambedkar. The first section of the book throws light on the factors that shaped Ambedkar’s ideology. The second section analyses Ambedkar’s views on religion.
    Five articles compiled in the third section spell out the significance of Ambedkar’s contribution as a historian, educationist, jurist, economist, and anthropologist. This Section includes a succinct write-up on Ambedkar’s feminism.
    The fourth section is centred on the future of Ambedkarism and also seeks to explain what Ambedkarism is and isn’t. The fifth section contains a comprehensive chronology of the life and works of Ambedkar.
    This book is not only useful for university students and research scholars engaged in the study of social justice movements but is also a must-read for social workers interested in acquiring a deeper understanding of Ambedkar and Ambedkarism.