I study early Christian deathscapes like cemeteries and martyria through the lens of affect theory. I also read early Christian texts through queer and feminist lenses.


PhD, AM, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)
MDiv, Vanderbilt University Divinity School (Nashville, TN)
BA, English and Religion, Southwestern University (Georgetown, TX)


Work accessible online
(For other work, see CV.)

Ancient Jew Review
“Incompatible Sites: The Land of Israel and the Ambulant Body in the Museum of the Bible,” 30 January 2018.

Book Note: Cavan Concannon, Assembling Early Christianity: Trade, Networks, and the Letters of Dionysios of Corinth,” 9 December 2018.

Book Note: Teresa Morgan, Roman Faith and Christian Faith: Pistis and Fides in the Early Roman Empire and Christian Churches,” 15 March 2017.

Bible Odyssey


Religion News Service
As bad as the 1776 Commission report is the ‘heroes’ garden that goes with it,” 20 January 2021.

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