• Jean Marie Carey deposited To Never Know You: Archival Photos of Russi and Franz Marc in the group Group logo of Der Blaue ReiterDer Blaue Reiter on Humanities Commons 1 year, 8 months ago

    This essay examines photographs of the German Expressionist artist, writer, and Tierliebhaber Franz Marc and his dog, Russi, taking the position that one of the most obvious characteristics of Marc’s life his – affectionate and respectful relationship with Russi – has been largely overlooked, though its documentation is clear. I extol the value of what are normally categorised as snapshots in reconstructing animal and human biographies. This raises questions about what photographs are valuable to such research, and why some are used repeatedly and others ignored.
    Significantly, a previously unknown photograph of arc taken by his brother Paul in is published for the first time.