I research and write about Franz Marc from the dual perspectives of Animal Studies and the German aesthetic, philosophical, and psychological frameworks of Einfühlung, Nachträglichkeit, and Trauerarbeit. Marc is a natural subject for these approaches so it is not as complicated as it sounds! In the course of my research I have developed several side projects about recovered biography and Raubkunst, among other things – and there things become a bit tricky.

I write the articles and book reviews you would expect, and am a staff writer for the Italian Art Society blog and beginning in March 2017, the webmaster for IAS. I also have my own website, German Modernism, which is about that subject, particularly Franz Marc, but also about the historical avant-garde, Futurism, contemporary art, and animals. 

My PhD will hopefully be granted by the University of Otago in New Zealand in 2017. I have been lucky to spend most of the past three years in Germany, based at the Universität Kassel's Tier-Mensch Gesellschaft.


PhD Candidate, Art History/Germanistik, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

(Erasmus+ Fellow / Guest Researcher at Universität Kassel – 2016-2017)

Master of Arts, Art History, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (2012)

Master of Arts, Information Science, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (2009)

Bachelor of Arts, Art History, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (2008)


To Never Know You: Archival Photographs of Franz Marc and Russi Marc – G. Aloi (ed.): Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Volume 38. (London: Antennae Project), [forthcoming] March 2017. (http://www.antennae.org.uk)


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Review of Bad New Days: Art, Criticism, Emergency by Hal Foster in Sehepunkte Rezensionsjournal für die Geschichtswissenschaften 16 (June 2016) Nr. 6: (ISSN 1616-6168; http://www.sehepunkte.de/2016/06/28232.html)


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Review of The Cry of Nature. Art and the Making of Animal Rights by Stephen F. Eisenman in Sehepunkte Rezensionsjournal für die Geschichtswissenschaften 14 (July 2014), Nr. 7/8: (ISSN 1618-6168; http://www.sehepunkte.de/2014/07/24988.html)


Ideological Objects: Zum Vortrag von Isabelle Graw Der Wert des Lebendigen – Malerei als indexikalisches Medium in der neuen Ökonomie, (ed.) Althaus, K., The Lenbachhaus, Munich, June 2013.


Upcoming Talks and Conferences

“Serenity and Somnambulism in Franz Marc’s Portraits of Russi.” Panel: Reception Studies in Modernism: Around The Great War, College Art Association (CAA) Conference, New York City, USA, 14-17 February 2017.


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German Studies Association

Italian Art Society

Association of Print Scholars

Historians of German, Scandinavian, and Central European Art (HGSCEA)

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