• Phil Harrison deposited Small Arms…as a Last Resort on Humanities Commons 4 months, 1 week ago

    One can only contemplate the fearful moment of realisation that a situation has become dire, there are few options available, and in reality there will be ‘no quarter’ from your adversaries. At such a critical moment there is a desperate need for all systems, including small arms, to work flawlessly.
    The following Article discusses three historic battles, where such a situation arose. This Article aims to focus on dismounted infantry small arms and should not be considered as an exhaustive account of the battles or the circumstances surrounding those battles. I have also tried to address the small arms ‘bigger picture.’
    This Article is my endeavour to better appreciate the role of small arms at three influential moments in history. The following is a ‘distillation’ of the information available in the public domain. I hope that this ‘distillation’ may be helpful to those looking for insights into these events.