• Peter Critchley deposited Industry and Europe vol 3 Transnational Monopoly Capital on Humanities Commons 4 years, 5 months ago

    Research for my Masters in economics

    This volume re-engages with the theoretical debates broached in parts of the first two volumes with respect to the centralisation and concentration of capital. The critical focus is upon the transnational corporations and the transnationalisation of capital as the prime mechanisms of the inherent tendency to centralisation and concentration in the global economy. The few hundred transnational corporations which dominate global production and trade prove the truth of Marx’s adage that one capitalist kills many. This volume examines the complex and many-sided nature of the power of capital, of capital in itself but most particularly in relation to both labour and the state. The argument is concerned to highlight the normative as well as the material aspects of the power of power. Whilst it would seem obvious that the structural power of capital is decisive, this underestimates the need to organise and manufacture consent and legitimacy. It also underestimates the power of alternative forces to challenge and even subvert the power of capital. The normative aspect is central in explaining not only the rise of transnational firms, but their privileging with respect to ‘national’ business, labour and government.