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    i. re Gödel’s ontological argument
    ii. deep in pi’s numeric noise
    iii. from Nothing, something
    iv. endless in the wrong direction, tragic
    v. they give you all Eternity to answer
    vi. what of God’s mercy?
    vii. informed consent and prayer
    viii. i won’t live on, perhaps. a deed i’ve done may
    ix. my selective memory
    x. Janus means: in close-up of foam, two faces
    xi. a liveable world is a readable world
    xii. what Supervenes from this?
    xiii. at each extreme our naming is anachronism
    xiv. Cat is a collapsing of the wave-function
    xv. diminishing returns in the history of Experiment
    xvi. all those undershared Nobels
    xvii. ice preserves the Cold from heat
    xviii. a desert spreads
    xix. Pinker’s wit, on jokes
    xx. Rome surrounds St. Paul / Paul is now the center
    xxi. each is a gathering Ministry
    xxii. white boy shot execution-style
    xxiii. the McDonald’s Statement of Claim
    xxiv. first & last: Don Quixote / Ulysses
    xxv. The Summer of Rave
    xxvi. this electro is intrinsically anonymous
    xxvii. all thru Asia, Drake-Rihanna