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    The musical chapel of the Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor in Talavera de la Reina is a significant case of how an ecclesiastical institution articulates the musical life of a city: in this sense, it can be stated that the main musical activity in the aforementioned Toledan city has revolved around the chapel of the Collegiate Church from the first signs of musical activity until its disappearance in 1851.
    The function of the musical chapel of Santa María la Mayor expanded with the passing of time: in addition to its preponderant role in the celebration of the different religious celebrations in the Colegiata, its participation in religious and secular festivities in Talavera itself and in other cities cannot be overlooked, an activity which caused quite a few headaches for the ecclesiastical authorities and those in charge of the chapel itself. To this we must add the educational implications of the musical activity of a musical chapel in the organisation of an ecclesiastical institution at a time when one of the only possibilities of accessing quality musical training was to become a choirboy in a cathedral, collegiate monastery or parish church, where he would have the opportunity to study with the Chapel Master, the Organist or another prominent member of the chapel.
    For all these reasons, it is necessary not to forget the historical importance that centres such as collegiate churches or parish churches offer for a better understanding of our musical history. The recovery of the musical legacy and the knowledge of the historical role of this type of centre should be one of the priority objectives of Spanish musicology.