Patrice is a linguist, Creative and Performing Arts practitioner, educator, and researcher.  She is currently conducting her PhD research in functional grammar and stage directions. Her undergraduate teaching  includes Theoretical Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Vocal Diction and Academic Writing, with English Language, Literature, and Communication Studies taught at secondary school. Her research to date has applied corpus methods, sociolinguistic methodologies, discourse analysis, formal grammar, and functional grammar to areas such as World Englishes, academic writing, media representations, multimodality, and drama theory. She is a PhD Researcher in the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


MA Language Communication Research, Cardiff University

BA Linguistics, University of the West Indies

Other Publications

Quammie–Wallen, P. (2021). Vague language in Hong Kong English, ‘Something like that’: A comparative corpus investigation into a defining feature of English in Hong Kong. English Today, 37(1), 13-25. Epub 2019/09/12. doi:10.1017/S0266078419000415

Quammie-Wallen, Patrice. (Thurs 5 July, 2018). Discovering the functional architecture of play texts. 28 European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference: Language, Specialised Knowledge, and Literacy.  (28ESFLC2018) Pavia. Italy.

Quammie-Wallen, Patrice (Sept 2018). An exploratory experiential survey of the play text. LinC Summer School and Workshop 2018 – SFL and Register & Context, Aachen, Germany.




PhD RESEARCH- The Functional Architecture of Stage Directions
According to Melrose (1985, 1993), systemic functional grammar’s three metafunctions- textual, ideational and interpersonal, and their grounding in the social- offers a more semiotically robust framework for accounting for the drama text as practice. Peacock (1984) echoes this sentiment of employing a functional approach to drama text analysis, saying that “in order to examine the written text in a manner which recognises it as a constituent of and a guide to performance, we should take, in the first instance, an essentially functional approach to its analysis, an approach based upon the rules governing our perception of ordinary communication, generic conventions within the larger language of drama as a whole and upon the explicit gestural, vocal, temporal, spatial, physical and technical guidance available within the dialogue and authorial stage-directions” (pp. 48-49).
Against such a backdrop, the research firstly addresses the overlap of the gaps of 1/ functional descriptions of play texts and 2/ analysis of the stage directions of play texts, by offering a semantic exploration of stage directions via lexico-grammar decoding using the SFL theoretical framework. The goal is to understand the functional and meaning making purpose of stage directions in context. The second aim is to capture the play text as a more unified entity by unearthing its multi-stratal logico-semantic (rhetorical -relational) design. Such SFL analysis will also describe the play as register (Halliday 1977), which is the third aim of this research: contributing to the functional description of English through description of an under- researched subsystem in its repertoire. This transdisciplinary research utilizes both relativism and realism in its methodology and employs text comparison to highlight the findings relevant to English language description and drama theory.

Some Key dates:
Dec 1, 2016 – Application submitted to the scholarship body Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) and CBS Department, PolyU.

April 12, 2018  – Research design presented to Chief Supervisor, Dr. Kazuhiro Teruya

January 9, 2019 – Research design, now supported by Peacock model, presented at Confirmation examination and approved by entire panel with only formatting comments. Panel: Chief Supervisor- Dr. Kazuhiro Teruya; Co-Supervisor: Prof. Christian MIM Matthiessen; Panel Chair (Independent Member): Dr. Dechao Li; Independent Member: Dr. Yu Yin Hsu.

[Patrice is the sole PI of this research. This research is not attached to any project account.]

OSF Registration – https://osf.io/z68d9


Society for Caribbean Linguistics (SCL)

International Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (ISFLA)

British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL)

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