• This paper presents a study on the penetration of public discussion political memes in the hegemonic
    media based on the repercussion of memes about the arrest of former Brazilian President Lula on
    the websites El País (Brazilian Edition) and Estadão. The research aims to analyze the presence of
    memes in the media agenda and the appropriations of their discourses related to the political crisis
    in Brazil. For this, we take as a theoretical reference the concept of semiosphere, by Iuri Lótman;
    the notion of Homo Narrans developed by Alain Rabatel; and yet, the political functions of internet
    memes as proposed by Limor Shifman. The methodology consists of a discourse analysis of memes
    reproduced in the two websites mentioned. The result of this research is the reflection on the use
    of internet memes not only as mere entertainment, but as instruments of political activism and
    informative discourse.