• The concept of objects and artefacts as documents has been explored by a variety of academics including Briet, Buckland, Latham and Lund from a broad conceptual perspective, with work undertaken by others considering how different object and artefact types can be considered documents. This project explores the existing literature relating to document theory and document phenomenology, and considers how document theory can relate to buildings, including how they are documented, whether buildings themselves can be considered documents and the implications therein, including how humans interact with the built environment on a conscious and sub-conscious level.

    The project reflects on the value of considering buildings as documents to various audiences including the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, and the culture and heritage sectors (including galleries, libraries, archives and museums). It also proposes a model for considering buildings as documents tested and illustrated with a variety of case studies. In further work, it is anticipated that the proposed model will be tested through empirical research including a Delphi study and interviews with individuals who work with or have a keen semi-academic interest in the built environment.