Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth. Has a history of academic collaboration with Lazarski University (Poland), Jagiellonian University (Poland), Coventry University (UK), and the University of Alberta (Canada). Researcher in government and comparative politics, international organizations, European geopolitics and regionalization, political and economic geography. Specialist in mass communication and mass information.


Author of Ukraine and Russian neo-imperialism: the divergent break (Lexington Books, 2018) and Business, Values, and EU’s Response to Protests in Ukraine: Cases From 2003-04, 2010, and 2013-14 (Lazarski University Press, 2020). Editor of The Intermarium: Polish-Ukrainian linchpin of Baltic-Black sea cooperation (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2019) and Meandering in transition: thirty years of identity-building in post-communist Europe (Lexington Books, 2021). Author of over 25 academic articles.


Has a history of membership in the American Political Science Association, Canadian Association of Slavists, and Polish Political Science Association. Member of the editorial board of the Central European Journal of International and Security Studies (Prague, Czech Republic), a reviewer at the Greater European Journal (Brussels, Belgium).


Supporter of the informational society and Western values. Philosopher on the topics of astropolitics and the digitized world. Populariser of science and car blogger on Drivetribe. Fantasy writer.

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