• Meagher, K. (2021), Introduction: The Politics of Open Access — Decolonizing Research or Corporate Capture?. Development and Change. https://doi.org/10.1111/dech.12630
    This introductory article looks beyond the conventional framing of open ac-cess (OA) debates in terms of paywalls and copyrights, to examine the his-torical processes, institutional and digital infrastructures, and political dy-namics shaping the effects of OA in development research. From a histori-cal perspective, it focuses on tensions and crises in the relationship betweenscholarly and corporate publishing ecosystems. The spectrum of open accessmodels is also examined, with a focus on green, gold, diamond and black,which tend to obscure the underlying scholarly publishing infrastructuresthat shape the parameters of openness and access. A closer look at distinc-tive for-profit and non-profit OA infrastructures reveals the inequitable andoften neo-colonial effects of for-profit models on Southern researchers andthe social sciences. Accounts of the politics of OA highlight processes ofpolitical capture of the OA agenda by Northern corporate and state interestsand draw attention to alternative interest coalitions which are more suitedto prioritizing the global public good over private profit. Reflecting on therequirements of OA in low-resource environments, this article echoes callsfor more equitable forms of openness and access in development researchecosystems, with a v iew to decolonizing as well as advancing OA.