I am a medievalist and legal historian living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. From 2016 until December 2019 I worked at Het Utrechts Archief. In 2020 I worked as a project archivist at Utrecht University Library, Special Collections. with a sequel from May to August 2021,

After my M.Litt. in History at Utrecht University (1988) I wrote my Ph.D. thesis at Erasmus University Rotterdam on late medieval and Early Modern legal argumentation (1994). I worked at several libraries and archival institutions, among them the Stephan-Kuttner-Institute for Medieval Canon Law, the Erfgoedcentrum Nederlands Kloosterleven, the Brothers CMM (Fraters van Tilburg) and Het Utrechts Archief, and also from 2000 to 2007 as an IT employee with a number of commercial firms.


Ph.D., Law Faculty, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (1994)

M.Litt., History, Universiteit Utrecht (1988)


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Studies over Nicolaas Everaerts (1462-1532) en zijn Topica (dissertation Rotterdam; Arnhem 1994).

‘Werken op zondag? Middeleeuwse juristen en werkverslaving’, Madoc 8/3 (1994) 159-163 – online Digitale Bibliotheek der Nederlandse Letteren (DBNL).

‘Waar stad en platteland elkaar ontmoeten. Tolsteeg, een Utrechts buitengerecht in de vijftiende eeuw’, Jaarboek Oud-Utrecht 1990, 39-57.


In 2020 and 2021 I worked as a project archivist at Special Collections, Utrecht University Library, for the description and inventory of charters and charter fragments, both in some family archives and in bindings of manuscripts and early printed editions. I also made new descriptions for some very summarily described small family archives.

Since 2009 I post contributions about legal history regularly at my blog Rechtsgeschiedenis, http://rechtsgeschiedenis.wordpress.com. This blog is the companion of my legal history website Rechtshistorie, https://www.rechtshistorie.nl (Dutch and English), with among other things my own web repertory for Digital Humanities and an overview of digitized collections with pamphlets, broadsides, broadside ballads, chapbooks and festival books..

My blog Glossae. Middeleeuwse juridische glossen in beeld, https://glossae.hypotheses.org, focuses since 2013 on pre-accursian legal glosses and medieval manuscript fragments. You can find here an overview of digitization projects and catalogues for medieval fragments.

At Digital 1418 you can find concise descriptions of digital projects about the First World War.


Network for the History of Glossing, https://www.glossing.org/

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