Ph.D. UCSB 2011, History

Other Publications

Early Greek Alchemy, Patronage and Innovation in Late Antiquity, Berkeley: California Classical Studies, 2019 (

“Transmutation Theory and the Dating of the Alchemical Recipe ‘On the Same Divine Water’ ” in Andrea Le Moli, Lela Alexidze, (eds), Prote Hyle: Notions of Matter in the Platonic and Aristotelian Traditions, Palermo: Palermo University Press, 2017.

“Augustine and the Invention of Magical Dissent” in Brian E. Brown, John A. Doody and Kim Paffenroth (eds.), Augustine and world religions, Lanham: Lexington, 2008, 3-20.

“Magic and religion in Augustine and Iamblichus”, in Elizabeth DePalma Digeser and Robert M. Frakes, Religious Identity in Late Antiquity, Toronto: Edgar Kent, 2006, 59-83

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