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    Krüger, O. (2019). The Paradox of Sustainable Degrowth and a Convivial Alternative. Environmental Values, 28(2), 233-251.


    Krüger, O. (2019). Hartmut Rosa and Christoph Henning (eds.), The Good Life Beyond Growth: New Perspectives. Environmental Values, 28(2), 261-262. [Book review]


    Krüger, O. (2018). Tim Ingold, The life of lines. Critique of Anthropology, 38(1), 115–117. [Book review]


    Krüger, O. (2017) Two Sides of the Same Globe, Capitalism Nature Socialism, 28(2), 132-134. [Book review].


    Krüger, O., Domazet, M., Dolenec, D. (2016). Rejecting the Post-Political Response to Climate Change: Introducing the European Egalitarian Environmentalist. Socijalna ekologija, 25(1-2), 167-189.


    Krüger, O., Burkhart, C. (2016). Automobility and Hospitality. The International Journal of Illich Studies 5(1), 25-43.


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