June Oh is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of English at Michigan State University. Her research interests lie in age studies, 18th-century British literature, medical humanities, gender and sexuality, and disability studies. Her work particularly focuses on the relationship between the aging mind and body and how the science engages with the notion of growing old. 

She is currently working on a DH project, “Mapping of Monsters in Literature”, in which she uses ArcGIS to investigate how the gender of a monster affects its spatial representation.


2021 (Expected) PhD in English Literature
Michigan State University
2014 MA in English Literature
Konkuk University at Seoul, South Korea
Dissertation title: “Drives of Individualism and Performativity in Moll Flanders.
BA in English Literature & Language, minor in philosophy, summa cum laude, August, 2012
Konkuk University at Seoul, South Korea


Oh, June. “Aging Faces and Gowland’s Lotion in Austen’s Persuasion.Age, Culture, Humanities. Forthcoming, 2021.
Oh, June Young., Hye-Soo Lee. “Performativity in Moll Flanders: Autonomy and Relationship” British and American Fiction. Vol. 21.2, 2014. pp: 157-180.
Oh, June Young., Hyun Sook Huh. “Discontinuous Self: The Significance of Dickinson’s Poetic Persona” Studies in Modern British and American Poetry. Vol. 19.2, 2013. pp: 129-155. 


Digital Mapping of Monsters in Literature: This project concerns how gender affects spatial representation of so-called “monster” characters and how these representations are related to effects they produce such as levels of monstrosity and sympathy. This project uses ArcGIS as its major platform to spatially represent the course and result of the analysis. Monsters that easily come to mind such as Dracula or the Creature from Frankenstein scare us readers not only with their evil doings and strange appearances. Part of their monstrosity lies also in their ability to escape human grasp. They move from one country to the other with the least effort and contaminate entire humanity unavailing our effort to pin them down to one place. However, there are other monsters who stay local and threaten relatively small number of people: female vampires who do not leave the castle, witches who demonize county people, ghosts bounded to houses, etc. The fear that we have for this type of monsters are quite different from wide-roving creatures. This project starts from a question whether this distinction stems from gender of the monster and looks to find a connection between distance traveled/areas of coverage and type of “monstrosity” monsters embody.

SULT: Beginning in the fall of 2019, the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of STEM group at Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University will begin a pilot program to unify the learning goals and outcomes of the first year writing and intro to HPS course, LB 133, with the goal of creating a cohesive, “group-building” experience for all incoming students. Our SUTL proposal has two major prongs of work: 1) to create an assessment tool to measure learning goals, learning outcomes, and evaluate community building using a combination of qualitative and quantitative questions; 2) to assess the learning gains specifically associated with the colloquium speaker series component of the course.

Humanities Commons: June Oh is currently serving as a research assistant for Humanities Commons project and MSU Commons project. She is promoting the engagement of scholars from various disciplines to build a robust and inclusive online scholarly community.

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

“The Old Robinson Crusoes.” ASECS, upcoming

“Eating Brains: Memory and the ‘Undead’” Popular Culture Association, Philadelphia 
“The Angry Digital Silver in the Pandemic.” North American Network of Age Studies, virtual (November)
“@korea_grandma: The Comic Trendy Digital Old” National Women’s Studies Association, Panel title: Transnational Representations of Age (November 2020 conference cancelled)

“‘The pestilential kisses’: Sexuality and Aged Masculinity in Fanny Hill”, International Conference on Gender Studies, London, UK (February 2020)

“‘But now a Spectre in its room appears’: Aging Bodies and Specter Identity in Eighteenth-Century Britain” MMLA, Chicago (November 2019)
“‘[A]ll lines and wrinkles, nine grey hairs of a side’: Gowland’s Lotion, Medically Aged Faces, and Individualism” Narratives of Ageing in the Nineteenth Century, Lincoln, UK (July 2019)
“‘[O]bject of Disgust’: Aging Body and the Ethics of Self-Care in Eighteenth Century Britain” American Society of Eighteenth Century Studies (ASECS) (March 2019)
“Limits of Domestic Ideology in Frankenstein: Aesthetics, Sympathy, and Propriety” International Conference of English Language and Literature Association of Korea (November 2013)


ASECS (American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies), NANAS (North American Network in Aging Studies), MMLA (Midwest Modern Language Association), NWSA (National Women’s Studies Association)

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