Anna Sokolina is an architect, historian, and curator, Founder and Chair of SAH Women in Architecture AG, Co-Chair, SAH WiA Registers Committee, Board Honorary Advisor of the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) and Advisory Board Member of The Bloomsbury Global Encyclopedia of Women in Architecture (eds. Lori A. Brown and Karen Burns, forthcoming). Her research is focused on women’s narratives in architecture and on transformative trends in architecture that ignite a cross-disciplinary discourse. Other areas of study—Paper Architecture, architecture and utopia, architecture and spiritual science, architecture genealogies of memory, recent-century built environments in the US, Europe, and Russia/FSU. She published over 90 research papers, presented at 84 academic conferences, received 17 grants and awards, and is affiliated with 14 professional societies
Sokolina holds a PhD in Theory and History of Architecture and Landmarks Preservation (1992) from VNIITAG, central theory/history branch of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences. She graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture (1980) and New York University SPS  (2001); interned at Guggenheim Museum New YorkCooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum; and Public Design Commission of New York City at The Mayor’s Office; and has contributed on Editorial and Advisory Board of Artmargins, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Education Department (1999–2007), and The Morgan Library and Museum; and worked as Curator of Exhibitions at Tabakman Museum, Hudson, NY. During t-track as member of architecture faculty at Miami University she curated Cage Gallery, served on Council on Diversity, REEE Curriculum Committee, Havighurst Advisory Committee, and Post-Doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee. As artist, she participated in 19 exhibitions, 5 of them at Metropolitan Museum of Art; her 104 artworks are housed in 23 public and private collections.
First lecturer from Moscow invited by the European Academy of the Urban Environment EA-UE Berlin in the UNESCO Program “Sustainable Settlements” and interviewed in direct broadcast by RIAS Berlin (1993); first independent woman curator from post-communist Russia (1992–94) she brought itinerant Paper Architecture exhibitions under contract with Moscow Association of Junior Architects (President Sergei Timofeev), to Western Europe with support by Senate Berlin, Grün Berlin GMBhÉcole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Strasbourg ENSAS, Bürgerhaus Gröbenzell, D.W. Dreysse Architect, Dr. Bruno Flierl, and Hermann Seiberth, Dipl. Ing. In 1990 she was affirmed as member of the Union of Architects of SU/Russia, the foremost society of architects in Russia; in 2016–20 she served as the first Society of Architectural Historians SAH Liaison elected to SHERA Board. The IAWA at Virginia Tech holds a collection of her professional records and publications, volumes of M.Arch and PhD theses and 25 presentation boards, 29 artworks, and correspondence with the IAWA Founder (Series VI, multiple boxes), as well as over 25 collections of women architects that she solicited for the Archive.


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