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    Nora Rodriguez is a lecturer in English Literature at the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, and a member of the Restoration Comedy Project research group. Her research focuses on Restoration theatre, particularly the dedications of plays addressed to women during the reigns of the late Stuarts. Her doctoral thesis, “The Female Dramatic Dedication in the Restoration Period (1660-1714)”, examined these texts as instances of the patronage system, taking them as tokens of gift-exchange practices. The importance of patronage in the Restoration cannot be understood on purely monetary principles, but rather by applying an archaic conception of economic calculation, which included both material and symbolic goods. Her research is interdisciplinary, drawing on historical and artistic perspectives in an attempt to contribute to our understanding of literature, and culture more broadly.


    Universidad de Sevilla


    “Charles II’s mistresses and patronesses of drama: the dedications addressed to Cleveland, Gwyn, and Portsmouth.” Laura Martínez-García and Raquel Serrano García (eds.). (Re)defining Gender In Early Modern English Drama : Power, Sexualities And Ideologies In Text And PerformanceDe Gruyter-MIP. December 2020.

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    “Richard McCabe. ‘Ungainefull Arte’. Poetry, Patronage, and Print in the Early Modern Era (by Nora Rodríguez-Loro).” SEDERI Yearbook 27, 2017, pp. 263-268.


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