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Dissertation project (in Italian Linguistics):
“‘Un dizionario queer: il lessico italiano della non-eteronormatività”

UniGR-CBS Glossary Border Studies
edited by Eva Nossem & Astrid M. Fellner
Planned publication of the first entries: 2023, ongoing

Edited volume “Queer, Migration, and Belonging: Assemblages & Intersections”
edited by Astrid M. Fellner and Eva Nossem
Planned publication: Winter 2022

Journal Issue “The Biopolitics of Borders in Times of Crisis”
edited by Astrid M. Fellner, Eva Nossem, and Tetyana Ostapchuk
Thematic Issue of the UniGR-Center for Border Studies series “Borders in Perspective
Planned publication: Winter 2022

Edited volume “Border Languaging: Multilingual Practices on the Border”
Planned publication: Spring 2023
Click here for more info.

Edited volume “Bordertextures. A Complexity Approach to Cultural Border Studies”
edited by Astrid M. Fellner, Eva Nossem, and Christian Wille
Planned publication: Summer 2023

Journal Issue “Border Renaissance: Spaces, Cultures, Identities, and The Return to Borders”
edited by Astrid M. Fellner, Eva Nossem, and Christian Wille
Special Issue of the Journal Borders in Globalization
Planned publication: Summer 2023


Upcoming Talks and Conferences

Association for Borderland Stories 3rd World Conference: Borders, Edges, and Interfaces – Pluralities and Scales. 13 – 18 February 2023. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Eilat Campus, Israel.

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