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Dissertation project (in Italian Linguistics):
“‘Un dizionario queer: il lessico italiano della non-eteronormatività”

UniGR-CBS Glossary Border Studies
edited by Eva Nossem & Astrid M. Fellner
Planned publication of the first entries: 2023, ongoing

Edited volume “Queer, Migration, and Belonging: Assemblages & Intersections”
edited by Astrid M. Fellner and Eva Nossem
in print

Journal Issue “The Biopolitics of Borders in Times of Crisis”
edited by Astrid M. Fellner, Eva Nossem, and Tetyana Ostapchuk
Thematic Issue of the UniGR-Center for Border Studies series “Borders in Perspective
Planned publication: Spring 2023

Edited volume “Border Languaging: Multilingual Practices on the Border”
Planned publication: Summer 2023
Click here for more info.

Edited volume “Bordertextures. A Complexity Approach to Cultural Border Studies”
edited by Astrid M. Fellner, Eva Nossem, and Christian Wille
Planned publication: Fall 2023

Journal Issue “Border Renaissance: Spaces, Cultures, Identities, and The Return to Borders”
edited by Astrid M. Fellner, Eva Nossem, and Christian Wille
Special Issue of the Journal Borders in Globalization
Planned publication: Summer 2023


Upcoming Talks and Conferences

Association for Borderland Stories 3rd World Conference: Borders, Edges, and Interfaces – Pluralities and Scales. 13 – 18 February 2023. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Eilat Campus, Israel.

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