University College London Institute of Education: London, London, GB

Other Publications

Nnadozie, V., Anyanwu, C. C., Ngwenya, J., & Khanare, F. P. (2020). Divergence and the Use of Digital Technology in Learning: Undergraduate Students’ Experiences of Email Feedback in a South African University. Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice17(3), 10.

Nnadozie, V. (2018). Beyond Matchmaking: Peer Mentor Role and Leadership Development in a Student Mentorship Program. The Chronicle of Mentoring & Coaching, Vol 2, October 2018, Special Issue 1

Nnadozie, V., & Samuel, M. A. (2017). Alternative pathways to universal basic education: through the lens of Almajiri nomadic schooling in northern Nigeria. Southern African Review of Education with Education with Production23(1), 105-120.


  • South African Education Research Association (SAERA) : Durban, ZA

  • South African Association for Institutional Research (SAAIR) : South Africa, ZA

  • London International Development Centre: London, London, GB

  • Development Studies Association (DSA) : London, GB

  • Royal Society of Arts: London, GB

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